What You Will Experience When Getting An ESTA Travel Visa

Traveling to the United States, whether for a vacation, or on business, requires you to get what is called a visa. This is a document, one that is digitally derived, and attached to your passport. It is a digital document that, when your passport is scanned, that will also come up on their screen. If you have one, that means that you have passed the inspection, one that takes into account many aspects of your life that will either allow you to come in, will keep you out, if you are deciding to travel to the US. This is what you will experience when you get an ESTA travel visa.

Where To Apply

Conveniently located on the Department of Homeland Security website is the official ESTA travel visa application. You will click the new application button, and this will take you through a series of steps that will ask you many different questions. You also need to provide proof of your identity which, in part, will include your passport. If it is not approved immediately, you may have to provide additional documentation. It is also necessary to come from one of the many countries that is approved for travel into the United States.

How The Process Works

Detailed on the ESTA part of that website is the overview of the application process. First, you will enter in all of the relevant information that they are requesting. Second, it will be reviewed. In most cases, this is done almost automatically which means it is part of the computer system that controls everything. Once approved, will be taken to a shopping cart where you will make your payment. Once it goes through, you will then have the ability to travel to America courtesy of the Visa Waiver Program that is active today.

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