How Long Does Processing of a Kanada Visum eTA Take?

A Kanada visum eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an electronic document linked to your passport which simplifies the process of entering Canada. An eTA is also needed for purposes such as business operations, for transportation, or as a tourist for less than six months. However, it doesn’t guarantee your entry to Canada as the Canadian border officials will decide on that.


Who Needs to Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)?


Today, it is required for US citizens and visa-exempt nationals to apply for an eTA when traveling to Canada by plane. US residents are also asked for a valid Green Card and their passport upon checking-in. On the other hand, non-visa foreign nationals are required to get a kanada visum in addition to eTA. If you’re going there by ship, car, train, or bus, then you do not need an eTA.


How long does the application for a Canadian visa eTA take?


It is best to prepare for the required documents first before processing the application. If you already have the complete documents, then it would only take about 15 minutes for your application process.


If you already have your plane ticket, you only need to present your travel itinerary and passport to apply for eTA. The results of your Canadian visa application will be sent via email within a few minutes.


Sometimes you might also need to send supporting documents if required which may take a few more days to process your application.


Once you get your valid eTA, you now have a permit to visit Canada by plane for less than six months. But then again, you would still have to go through immigration to successfully enter Canada. By this time, you should have the other required travel documents to prove the immigration officers that you are qualified to enter the country.




The application process for a Canadian visa eTA is quick and easy for as long as you don’t experience any complications. If your requirements are all valid and complete, then it shouldn’t take more than one hour for your application to be approved. You should also apply ahead of time, so if there are necessary adjustments or additional requirements needed, you still have time to process all of these.


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