Four Ways To Find a Good Optometrist Safford AZ


If you want to save on eyewear, lenses, and sunglasses, go lab-direct now! These four optometrists Saffordaz, mentioned below, dedicate their lives to providing quality care and services. They are, without a doubt, devoted to providing you your needs in eye care.

Timothy Bradshaw, O.D.

Dr. Bradshaw is one of the American Optometric Association members and has prioritized serving others all over the globe and in his local community. He has had leadership roles and worked with Unite for Sight, and Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity managed screenings on a community vision for the underprivileged.

This helped in raising funds worldwide eye clinics and raising awareness of preventable blindness. Dr. Bradshaw was a full-time Chile missionary for a couple of years as a representative of his church. He provides service efforts in his community until now.

Lars J. Carlson, O.D.

As an optometrist, Dr. Lars Carlson offers comprehensive vision care, such as treating and diagnosing eye disease, prescribing glasses, contact lenses fitting, and routine eye examinations. He studied at Ferris State University, where he finished his undergraduate education and continued for a degree at Michigan College of Optometry. In 2005, Dr. Carlson moved to Arizona to practice optometry while also escaping the cold. He enjoys outdoor activities such as flag football and hiking.

Lisa Field-Sherlock, O.D.

As a licensed optometrist, Dr. Field-Sherlock provides general optometric services, including treating ocular diseases, prescribing glasses, and contact lens fitting. She pursued her degree of Bachelor in Science at Arizona State University, where she grew up. Southern California College of Optometry was where she achieved her Doctor of Optometry degree.

She had internships in low-vision, contact lenses, specialized training for eye care in pediatrics, and experience at Brentwood, California’s Veterans Hospital for hospital-based care.

James Flores, O.D.

Raised and born in Arizona, Dr. Flores has experienced 36 years of providing optometric services in Tucson. He offers firsthand eye care, emphasizing the treatment and diagnosis of ocular disease and post- and pre-surgical care. 

After majoring in chemistry and minoring in psychology at the University of Arizona, he obtained his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry. He mentions how grateful he is for his patients to be a part of their lives.

If you are looking for high-level services with a touch of quality, don’t hesitate to give these optometrists in Safford, AZ, a call. They are looking forward to providing the optometric needs of your family and would be delighted to have as patients. Book an appointment now!

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