Benefits of a High Shear Mixer

High shear mixers have been an industry standard among manufacturing companies. Most homogenized and emulsified products that we enjoy today are created from a high shear mixer. Here’s why you need to get a high shear mixer if you plan to join the industry.


High Shear Mixers


High shear mixers are complex machines that allow any form of matter (solid, liquid and gas) be converted to a desired liquid form. The best mixers compete by providing more complex mixes and improved mixing technologies.


High shear mixers are used by companies whose line of business predominantly focuses on food preparation, pharmaceutical, and chemical (cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning agents) products. If your product is homogeneous and emulsified, then it passed through a high shear mixer. Without the high shear mixer, the given products above would almost be impossible to make.


Ease of Use


If you have no high shear mixer to use, then you would most probably be using a mortar and pestle to emulsify your material, which could be time-consuming and strenuous work. With a high shear mixer, you just need to follow the instruction manual. The process usually involves feeding the component material to the tank or feed then turn on the machine.


Faster Production


High shear mixers are automated. The motors are powered by electricity to run. Each type of high shear mixer differs their mixing speed. Weaker motors will certainly take time to finish mixing while powerful ones will be faster, thus more output is produced. An inline high shear mixer can be continuously fed with raw materials while it produces your desired output.




Customization as regards to high shear mixers will vary from every type. There are people who want the best mixer available. The ultra-high-shear inline mixer is a pinnacle of shear mixer technology. It allows you to measure the desired size of your droplet or granule up to micrometers, meaning a more refined product.


Others opt for a volume over quality to increase the number of their products. Batch high shear mixers are good for providing volume amounts yet still follow standards. This mixer can be economically friendly with your business.




High shear mixers help shape the modern market. Homogenous and emulsified products dominate the market, thus joining the industry can be beneficial. Consider getting a high shear mixer to have your business the edge it needs.


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