Golf Courses Edmonton

Awesome Golf Courses Edmonton

There are many beautiful golf courses in and around the city of Edmonton, Alberta. If you ever have an opportunity to visit this beautiful city in the northern section of Alberta then you should visit one of the many challenging courses. Some of the more popular golf courses Edmonton include Victoria Golf Course Clubhouse, Lewis Estates Goal Course, Raven Crest Golf & Country Club, Riverside Golf Course, Middle Woods Golf Course, Rundle Park Golf Course, Twin Willows Golf Club, and the Quarry just to name a few.

Golfing is an excellent sport for people of all ages. You can begin golfing at an early age and continue until the day that you die. Some golf courses are very challenging and better suited for professional and low handicap golfers. Other golf courses, on the other hand, are suited for the average weekend duffer who only plays golf once in a while. There are also many challenging par three golf courses for seniors who may have lost a few yards when driving a golf fall down the fairway.

You will find both public golf courses Edmonton that are open to anyone and private country clubs that require a golf membership. For example, the Glendale Golf & Country club in Edmonton is known as one of the premier golf courses in Western Canada. This golf course has been the home to many National, Provincial, City and professional golf tournaments. The course is described as a wonderful test for your golf game and it is inevitable that you will need every club in your bag to post a good score. It has an amazing Clubhouse that overlooks the first fairway and a beautiful lake and every golfer agrees that the views are astounding, especially when the sun begins to set.

This particular private course offers two categories of associates for membership. One category is the associate membership and the other category is the restricted associate membership. The associate membership will allow the golfer full access to any tee time. The restricted associate membership will allow the golfer regular access during the week and restricted access on holidays and weekends.

Of course, you can also play golf at any time on one of the many public golf courses or you can try your skill at a pitch and putt golf course. The Kinsmen Pitch and Putt course provides you with Edmonton’s most inexpensive green fees. It is an excellent choice for young people, seniors, and families. All of the course’s 18 holes are around 100 yards which allows most golfers to play with only a putter and one or two irons.

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