The Indian Visa Application Process

Anyone who is a foreign resident who is looking to visit India is required to have a visa. The Indian Visa Application process is used to verify the person who is visiting the country – confirming their identity and eligibility, and taking into account the planned purpose and duration of the trip. This is to ensure that the Indian government knows who is coming into the country, and for what purpose.

You can submit an Indian Visa application online via the official government website. There is no need to put in an application to a third party website. There are some services that promise to handle applications for you, but these are not necessary and some may even be unscrupulous. If you hand over the details required for a visa application to a third party website then you run the risk of identity theft. Even if the company does not have negative intentions, if there is an issue with your application then having a middle-man in the application process could mean that there will be a delay to resolving that issue.

If you are not sure what sort of visa you need, then it is advisable to contact the embassy for advice. When applying for an E Visa, you can usually expect that the visa will be processed within 72 hours. There are emergency visas available. These can be applied for online, but then you will need to bring proof of your identity and the reason for the emergency. There is an additional fee for applying for an emergency visa.

Tourist visas are now double entry, and can range from one year to five years. Business visas can run for up to ten years. There are other specialist visas such as a conference visa, which is valud for up to six months, and a student visa, which can last for up to five years. There are also visas for employment for specific projects, journalist, medical and research visas, and a transit visa for those who are transiting through but not staying in India.

The application process is simple. The important thing is to make sure that you choose the right visa. If you attempt to enter India an a visa that is not suitable for the duration or purpose of your visit then you may be barred from entry, deported, or blacklisted which would make it difficult or impossible to visit in the future.

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