Tattoo Souvenirs’ Risks: Go or No Go?

When traveling, we typically buy some little keepsakes to remind us of the places we visited once we are back home.  There is a growing trend, however, to get a more perpetual memento of their trips. Getting a tattoo Auckland Instagram, is now being popular among travelers. If you are also in to get this lasting souvenir, it may require some thought as getting tattoos abroad carries medical risks. Here are some points to remember before and after you get one:


Ensure That You Are Physically And Mentally Fit Before Getting A Tattoo


Keep in mind that your physical and mental fitness dramatically affects your experience. You have to ensure that you have enough rest and haven’t taken any medication or alcohol around 24 hours before getting a tattoo. These can increase the possibility of bleeding and may impair the healing process.


Check Hygienic Conditions


Dirty needles and unclean workplace can lead to skin infections, resulting in immense pain, fever, hospitalization. In the worst scenarios, it can also lead to scarring and blood poisoning. Try to check if the shop is constantly decontaminating the work surfaces. Notice if the tattoo artists have clean hands and that they are using disposable tools wherever possible.


Quality of Materials Used


The usage of subpar-quality ink may cause allergic reactions and irritation. Unclean water if diluted with ink, can result in skin infections. You can search for information about the quality of various brands available in the market. Make sure that your tattoo artist is using the best ones.


Aftercare Is A Must


A tattoo always requires post-care. To prevent any complication, it shouldn’t get wet or dirty during the first few weeks from application. You mustn’t swim and avoid it exposure from direct sunlight. These aspects can quickly alter any of your holiday plans abroad.


Take Other Infections Into Account


There is a relatively small risk of infection for HIV infection, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. These viruses, though, are more common in tropical countries than in New Zealand. Make sure that you are Hepatitis-B vaccinated. While there are no vaccines against Hepatitis C and HIV, you can always prevent risks through the use of fresh and clean needles.


A tattoo is always an excellent token of your trips. While there may be risks, you can always take extra precautions to avoid these and make the memory of your travel better. By following the tips above, you can undoubtedly enjoy getting your tattoo in Auckland and flaunt it on Instagram!

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