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How do I Sell my Rolex London?

Owning a Rolex watch is evident that you appreciate class and luxury. Selling one can however get you in a confused state with lots of factors to consider.

Two questions that will probably be topmost on your mind are:

“Where can I sell my Rolex London?” and “How do I get the cash value for my Rolex?”

Let’s look at answers to each.

Where can I sell my Rolex in London?

There are a number of places to put your Rolex up for sale but you must be careful that you opt for an avenue that the worth of your luxury watch is known and appreciated in order to get the best price for them.

Some options are:

Family, friends and colleagues

One of the safest places to try selling your Rolex is among the people you trust most – family, friends and colleagues (and that you see often). The danger with this however, is that they may price you too low or come back a while later if the
watch develops a fault to complain and worse, ask for a refund.

Online route

Online channels and market places like Craigslist, eBay among others are options if you want to sell your Rolex watch.

If you choose to try out these options, again you must take care that you don’t fall into the hands of tricksters. Do your own investigation once you have a serious  bidder to make sure this person is genuine, understands the worth of your Rolex and can make payment without hitches. If this person demands a meeting and you are not sure you want one, opt instead for visual representations of the product to be sent via emails.

Pawn shops

This is an option albeit one that may have you getting less than your watch’s worth. Pawn shops don’t generally have ideas of the worth of luxury items, so it is expected that you will be offered less than the worth of your Rolex.

Authorised Rolex re-sellers

This may be an option to try seeing as they not only know the worth of your Rolex but are also backed by the original Rolex brand. Hidden charges may apply but going this route could save you the stress of going from one place/person to the other in a bid to sell off your watch.

How do I get the cash value for my

A few factors contribute to your demanding and getting the right cash offer for your Rolex. Three of these are:

Add casing and papers

When you bought your Rolex, it must have come with a box and papers that prove it is authentic. To up the value of your Rolex when you want to sell, include the box and papers too. This not only increases the value but may bump the price you get for your Rolex up a notch too. Why? Because credible buyers like to know they are buying the real deal.

Include model number

With the model number of your Rolex, a potential buyer can find out important facts about your Rolex like date of release and more. Find out the model number of your Rolex and write that down somewhere that is easily accessible when a buyer asks for it.

Appearance is everything

This is important if you plan to sell online. Take good quality pictures of your Rolex because what the eyes love, the heart gets drawn to. A bad picture of a good product can put a potential buyer on the run. Aim for photos of the Rolex from every possible angle (not hiding any defects) and inside the case. Don’t forget to take pictures of your papers blurring out your serial number to prevent con artists from recreating a Rolex and using your serial number on it.

If possible, go the extra mile of doing a very short video of your watch showing every detail a buyer may want to know.

Bottom-line: Selling a high-quality watch like a Rolex in London while not relatively easy, will be a good exchange if you engage with the right buyers. Just don’t forget that the more genuine information you make available to a potential buyer, the greater likelihood you have of getting your Rolex bought.