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Tips For Planning Your Data Recovery

Many people and businesses do not realize how important it is to have a good data recovery plan. If your personal or business computer were to suffer a catastrophic data loss, would you be able to continue? A well-planned data recovery strategy is important to increase the resilience of your data and ensure that you are up and running soon after any major data loss.

Know Your Data Recovery Needs

The first step in planning a data recovery strategy is to determine your data recovery needs. To determine your needs, you have to consider what data is vital to your business carrying on. You should also consider what would currently happen if you were to lose different pieces of data. Would your business be able to continue and do you have any provision in place currently to cope with the data loss?

Know What Causes Data Loss

There are a number of activities which can cause data loss and you need to consider all of them. Data can be lost through accidental deletion or through a systems failure. The most common threat to a business is considered to be an IT failure. Natural disasters can also have devastating effects on your data. It is important that you determine which causes your business is most likely to suffer and create a plan around this.

What Is Your Critical Data?

There are different types of data and some are more important than others. When creating your data recovery plan, you need to determine which pieces of data are critical to the continuation of your business. If you can cope without it, then you can wait for it to be recovered, but if your business cannot function without it, you need to set this as critical.

Assess How Easily You Can Recover A File

Something that everyone should be doing is backing up their data, whether this is for their business or their personal computer. If you have a data backup, you need to assess how easily you would be able to recover critical data if it was lost on your primary network. Using a managed data backup will generally allow you to recover data in seconds, but if you have external hard drives that you have used, it may take longer.

There are many steps that you need to consider when you create your data recovery plan. This plan is vital for all business because it ensures that a procedure is in place should data be lost.