Build Your Own Fish Pond in Malaysia

Having a private fish pond in your own home provides a lot of benefits beyond the visible added aesthetics. Fish ponds can also give mental and physical benefits, not to mention a great way to help the environment. Building your own fish pond can be both comfortable and inexpensive, despite notions suggesting otherwise. Let’s go through the steps of creating a personal fish pond Malaysia.

Pick the Right Spot

The first step on building your fish pond in Malaysia is to look for the perfect spot for the pond. The right location depends on several factors, like the soil quality and the fish you want to have. This is also the perfect time to estimate the size and depth you want for the pond.

We recommend consulting with a landscape designer or an architect during this time to provide helpful advice and guidance. These qualified professionals can determine any possible problems you may encounter during the project and give proper solutions.

Gathering Tools and Materials

The next thing to do is to purchase the necessary materials and work tools for the task. Basic tools needed are a shovel, a spade, a spirit level, and a garden hose for additional measurement.

As for materials, purchase a pond liner of your choice from any garden center. Liners come in different materials and different prices, from plastic to fiberglass, and even cement. Other materials to consider are either sand or newspaper for the underlay, bricks and rocks, and a fountain pump. This is also the time to decide what type of fish you are having, along with the plants you want to add.

Digging and Lining

After finalizing the spot and the materials, start digging a hole on the ground based on the design preferences. The hole’s size and depth should match the fish you plan to have, as fishes like Koi need deeper ponds. Start with a small hole, then gradually making it bigger to make sure the walls are intact. You can also create layers on the pond, especially if you intend to have more than one type of fish.

Once you have the desired size and depth, check the hole for any rocks, roots and other materials that can puncture the liner. After removing those materials, cover the hole with then liner underlay, then place the liner. Make sure that the liner lies as flat as possible, fixing any pleats. Place bricks on the sides of the liner to hold them in place.

Filling and Finishing

Next, fill the pond with water, stopping halfway to check for creases. Take this time to configure any pumps, heaters, and other features you want to add to your pond. After everything is in place, you can fill up any gaps on the bricks with some quick-drying cement. Filling the gaps avoids any spills once the pond is filled with water.

It is time to finish the project by adding the decorations to the pond. Place the landscape rocks around the pond, along with any plants you want to be added. Fill up the pond, and then add the fish in.

Congratulations, you have just completed your pond. Building your own pond is not that difficult, provided proper planning is done.

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